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1) Be PRESENT. Don't compare last year to this year. You will be chasing a ghost or even worse, you will try to "recreate" last year's experience. Every year is distinct and every year there are new 'openings.'  Which is one of the secrets of BOOST and something that can…
There’s nothing like best friends – they see the best in you, believe in you, and pick you up when you feel down. Wouldn’t it be great if your BFF was always with you? And wouldn’t it be great if our children’s BFF was always with them as well? Well…
For many high schools, spring break is here or right around the corner. When students return to the classrooms, extracurricular activities, and their afterschool programs, thoughts may turn to planning lazy summer days with no responsibilities, homework, or teachers! This is especially challenging for the 2014 graduating class, which is…
Thursday, 03 April 2014 17:09

Take Off

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I hate the "take-off" portion of flying. Since I am typically on an airplane once a month or more, you would think this is an issue that would have subsided by now, but alas. For me, it's a few things: It's the shift from sitting completely still to getting the…
Tuesday, 01 April 2014 14:19

Quiet, Please: How We Engage Introverts

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At Techbridge we host a book club that gives us a chance to make time to read and come together to talk about research. We don't always agree on the subject matter, but the book discussions always get us thinking about how we approach our work with kids and with…
Dancing engages nearly all of the brain at once! Just participating in dance is good for the brain, but dance can also be used to intentionally target really important development areas for children. Children can come to see what they are capable of by experiencing the influence they have when…
This entry is written in collaboration with Molly Newman and Anna Marie Finley, Tufts University. What does snack time look like in your program?  Are kids eating snacks like fruits, vegetables, and water, or are there bags of chips, cookies, and juice boxes?  Maybe you want to offer healthier snacks,…
This entry is written in collaboration between ElizaBeth Parker Phillips, Program Development Director for Child Development Inc, and Regan Bynder, Program Projects Manager for Child Development Inc. Over the past few years there has been lots of chatter about Kindergarteners and Transitional Kindergarteners. The view of the first year of…
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