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Included in this post is a basic outline for a four-session Dance/Visual Arts and Poetry workshop. The following session series is created around the poem, “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou. I have used the following experiences as a part of a curriculum for teenage girls who identified challenges with positive…
Today, many afterschool and summer programs include science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as a standard part of their comprehensive programming.  Afterschool providers recognize the importance of improved STEM education for their students and that hands-on, inquiry-driven STEM is in line with afterschool’s overall approach to education.  Practitioners are able…
Tuesday, 15 July 2014 19:58

STEM Doesn’t Have to be Pink

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I was contemplating what to blog about today.  My birthday is coming up so maybe I would write about traditions and celebrations.  I knew for sure I would not be writing about the World Cup because besides the Google Doodles and posts from friends on Facebook, I really haven’t been…
Friday, 11 July 2014 11:47

Difference Maker: Tia Quinn

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As I walk into the office of BOOST Collaborative I see artwork, inspirational t-shirts, magazines, and vision boards. I have been interning here for about three weeks now, and I have learned so much about the professional world. Rachel leads me into an open office room, which is freezing cold…
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 15:28


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As spring has officially given way to summer and academics have been replaced by pools and bike rides, I've been thinking about commencement speeches. Students across the country have been hearing them, whether graduating from high school or college, at the precipice of "life" beginning. Because that's what commencement means,…
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 12:49

Global Competency, Wha?

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My daughter asked me if the 2014 Olympics were being held in Southern China. She spent most her childhood summers in Southern California, or SoCal, so I should not have been shocked when she thought Sochi was in southern China instead of Russia. Except that she is a 20 year…
My first exposure to you, Maya Angelou, was inside the folds of a cheesy Hallmark card when I was a pre-teen. I was searching for the best card I could for Mothers' Day one year, and I came across a Hallmark design with pastel butterflies and flowers. The quotation inside…
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 19:59

A Call to Martians Everywhere

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Before I begin, I feel compelled to share with all of you a secret; a secret of the greatest personal significance; one that has undoubtedly shaped my identity and continues to influence my behaviors as I navigate this, which we call human life. I ... am half Martian. Yes. It…
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