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Educational Apps - History/Social Studies
This section includes educational applications for students to use to improve their knowledge and understanding of history, geography and social studies.  Applications include facts, games, and quizzes.


Alphabet of Dinosaurs
This app is a media digital book that teaches kids all about dinosaurs through fun activities, rhyming, and illustrations.
Elementary Icon

Beyond Textbooks
This app helps students connect the lessons they learn in class and textbooks to interactive games for better understanding.
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Clever Crazes You the Time Traveler
A fun way to explore fats about American History.
Elementary Icon

Countries of the World
Learn about the countries of the world - capitals, populations, languages, GDPs, religions, flags and more.
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GeoQuiz provides quizzes on a variety of geographic topics from famous landmarks to country flags.
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History Apps
This twitter account @History_Apps provides the latest apps and news related to history and social studies.
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HISTORY here is an interactive guide to historic locations across the US.
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History in Pictures
This app allows the user to find historic facts based on their current location.
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This app teaches students about history by letting them see and interact with the history all around them.
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This app has anything a student needs to know about American History.
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Learn the 50 States
Learn the states, capitals, population and much more with this application.
Elementary IconMiddle School Icon

States Play
Here is an app where students can test their memory of the states, their flags, and their capitals.
Elementary IconMiddle School Icon

Timeline Eons
Take a virtual tour of the entire natural and human history through this timeline app.
Middle School IconHigh School Icon

Today’s Document
All of the national archives documents are piled into one app for students to use, there is a significant document for each day of the year.
Elementary IconMiddle School IconHigh School Icon

U.S. History Timeline
This app provides an interactive timeline of historical events in the United States.
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US Presidents
Learn about the U.S. Presidents - years in office, birthplace, trivia, political party, Vice Presidents, and more.
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