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Educational Apps - Literacy
This section includes free applications to assist children, teens, and adults with increasing their literacy and overall confidence with reading, writing, and speaking.  The applications include games, exercises, and tests for all areas of English, including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Journey through a spelling adventure with a brain teasing game.
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The Electric Company Wordball
Wordball is an educational word game that has incorporated The Electric Company into a phonics game.
Elementary IconMiddle School Icon

English Grammar Book
This application will help with improving grammar through lessons and practice exercises.
Middle School IconHigh School IconHigher Education Icon
English Tenses
This application is a great study tool to learn, practice and test English tenses.
Middle School IconHigh School Icon
Everyday Sight Words Lite
This application is for kids to learn everyday basic words that will give them a head start in speaking and reading fluently.  Also appropriate for nonverbal children affected by autism, speech delay, or other speech disorders.
Pre-Kindergarden IconElementary IconMiddle School Icon

Find the Synonym
Combine letters in the game to find the synonym to each word.
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GRE Word List
If you are studying for the Graduate Record Exam, this application can help you with flashcards to help improve your vocabulary.
Higher Education Icon  

Jirbo WordSearch
This app is a wordsearch that includes definitions and spelling games.
Elementary IconMiddle School Icon 

Kids Reading
An educational and fun application to help preschool age children learn to blend sounds into words, read simple words, and form simple words.
Pre-Kindergarden Icon 
Kids ABC Trains Game Lite
Kids ABC Trains Game helps preschool and kindergarten-aged children to learn and identify letters and their sounds using trains and railroads as their tools.
Pre-Kindergarden Icon Elementary Icon
Kids English Vocabulary
This application will help children who are learning English as a second language to learn vocabulary in a very simple and intuitive way utilizing animation and audio formats.
Elementary Icon Middle School Icon 
Learn the Alphabet
This is a fun way for kids to learn the alphabet with a game, sing-along alphabet song, and videos about each letter to learn to read, write, and to sound out each letter.
Pre-Kindergarden Icon

Mad Libs
This app is a twist on the classic version of Mad Libs that will help students learn their verbs and tenses.
Elementary IconMiddle School Icon

Opposite Ocean
Hit the ocean and be a master of magic words, overcoming obstacles and collecting enchanted prizes to learn spelling and definitions of important words.
Pre-Kindergarden IconElementary IconMiddle School Icon

This application made by the Poetry Foundation, is a wheel that spits up poems. It is a great way for students to broaden their thinking about the different kinds of poetry and why they may like it. 
Elementary IconMiddle School IconHigh School Icon

Simplex Spelling
This app improves spelling skills in a fun and interactive way.
Elementary IconMiddle School Icon

This application comes with audio recitations for each of the 154 sonnets, so you can choose to read or listen to Shakespeare's poetry.
Middle School Icon High School Icon Higher Education Icon 

Sounds: Pronunciation Application
This is the ultimate mobile English pronunciation aid, for both students AND teachers.
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Spelling A to Z
This app is to help parents to understand their child’s homework so they can be of better help to their kids.
Elementary IconMiddle School Icon

Spelling Bee
This application has 2300+ English words to help children learn how to spell with audio clips to assist with correct pronunciation.
Elementary IconMiddle School Icon

Kids can enter the words they want to learn about and play games that help them learn.
Elementary IconMiddle School Icon

TAP & Learn
This app focuses on the tap, see, hear method of learning.
Pre-Kindergarden IconElementary Icon

Test Your Pronouns
This application comes with learn, test, and track function where you can learn up to 100 pronouns that are crucial to perfect grammar.
Middle School Icon High School Icon 

This app is helpful for students to learn about storytelling through drawing and animating their own stories.
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Words, Words, Words!  For Effective Communication
This application has 2000+ words for increasing ones vocabulary for effective communication.  Audio is included to help with pronunciation.
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