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WELCOME to the BOOST Collaborative Public Service Announcement Project


Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and for supporting our on-going effort to raise awareness on the real issues that affect the out-of-school time field!

The issue: In California, The 21st Century High School After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs) Program is a federally funded grant.

The good news: The goals of this program are to provide academic support; safe, constructive alternatives for high school students; and assistance in passing the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE).

The bad news: Not one high school in San Diego County was funded for the 2012-2013 school year

Many thanks to all of the awesome individuals and organizations that are doing great work in City Heights!  Check out their websites to find out about the work they are doing here:

AjA Project
The AjA Project provides photography-based educational programming to youth affected by war and displacement; students think critically about their identities, develop leadership skills, and become agents of personal and social transformation.
Special thanks to Justin Apger and Sandra Anslie.

City Heights Community Development Corporation
Enhance the quality of life in City Heights by working with our community to create quality affordable housing and livable neighborhoods, foster economic self-sufficiency and stimulate investment.
Special thanks to Sakara Tear.

Collaboration to Keep City Heights Youth Safe
The collaboration was started by City Heights Foundation in May 2011 as a way for community organizations to work together to keep City Heights youth safe and busy.  At our monthly meetings, we share information about the events and services our organizations are providing youth in the City Heights area and brainstorm potential projects.

Health Sciences High and Middle College (HSHMC)
HSHMC is a place where people want to learn about health and healthcare as part of a world-class education. HSHMC is a home away from home, an open door, a place of rigor and academia where students earn a diploma that matters. We do what it takes, we do no harm, we set no limits on our potential to learn and grow, we do it like a family, and we LOVE what we do!
Special thanks to Jeff Bonine.

International Rescue Committee
Each year, thousands of refugees are invited by the U.S. government to seek safety and freedom.  Forced to flee conflict or persecution, many refugees have survived against incredible odds. Refugees step off the plane with next to nothing but their dignity, hope and determination.  In San Diego, the IRC helps refugees to rebuild their lives.
Special thanks to Tabu Okello and Carolyn Smyth.

La Maestra Community Health Centers
The mission of La Maestra Community Health Centers is to:  provide quality health care and education; to improve the overall wellbeing of the family; bringing the under-served, ethnically diverse communities into the mainstream of our society, through a caring, effective, culturally and linguistically competent manner, respecting the dignity of all patients.

San Diego Hunger Coalition
The San Diego Hunger Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to and participation in federal food programs. Our vision is of a day when no San Diegan goes hungry; therefore, it is our mission to fulfill this most fundamental need. By educating and advocating about this issue on the local, state, and national level, we can defeat unnecessary suffering.

STAR/PAL United for Youth
The mission of STAR/PAL is to empower underserved youth to build a safer and more prosperous community by engaging with law enforcement and collaborative partners.
Special thanks to Portia Dawson.

transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project
transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project believes that art is not only a privilege, but a necessity of life. Being a creative person fosters self-awareness, connection to humanity, the ability to explore possibilities, think critically, and transcend self-imposed limits. transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project allows us to hear from our generation of youth and to give them a chance to positively impact the world around them.
Special thanks to Teresa Trout.

Youth Safe
The collaboration was started by City Heights Foundation in May 2011 as a way for community organizations to work together to keep City Heights youth safe and busy.  At our monthly meetings, we share information about the events and services our organizations are providing youth in the City Heights area and brainstorm potential projects.

Youth Voice San Diego
To create safer communities by educating and empowering inner-city youth to realize their potential within and become solution-orientated activists.
Special thanks to Dana Brown.


21st Century Community Learning Centers
Learn about program descriptions, funding opportunities, evaluations, and reports to the Legislature.

Afterschool Alliance: Reach Policy Makers
Visit this site to find an extensive toolbox dedicated on reaching policy makers.

BOOST Collaborative
The BOOST Collaborative is committed to creating opportunities for change in educational and social services agencies serving youth in the out-of-school time hours. We support out-of-school time professionals through quality professional development opportunities, program and resource development, building community partnerships, promoting the importance of quality out-of-school time programming, opportunities to share promising practices, and a variety of consulting services. By supporting your organization, together, we can make a difference.

CA3: California Afterschool Advocacy Alliance
Find information about policies, factsheets, education outreach, and direct lobbying.

Child Trends
Discover research dedicated to improve the lives of children and youth.

Invest in Kids
Fight Crime: Invest in Kids is an anti-crime organization of over 5,000 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, and violence survivors. We take a hard look at the research about what prevents kids from becoming criminals and put that information in the hands of policymakers and the general public.

National School Board Association
Connect with your state school board association, educate yourself about important advocacy issues, and learn how to have your voice heard with Congress.

Statewide Afterschool Networks
Learn about topics in afterschool and expanded learning related to policy.


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