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This section includes tips, strategies, and training for educators to promote resilience in their students.  Research and studies are provided to help educators discern the assets that best foster resilience in students. 


10 Tips to Build Resilience in Teens and Young Adults
American Psychological Association presents 10 tips to present the way in which resilience can be taught by teachers and achieved by students.

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A Meaning-Centered Approach to Building Youth Resilience
Dr. Paul Wong develops in this chapter the dimensions of resilience, and then presents a holistic meaning- centered approach based on the interactions between three positive intervention strategies: (a) The PURE principles of meaningful living, (b) The ABCDE strategies of resilience, and (c) Tragic optimism.

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Connectedness Presentation
Resilience & Youth Development Model that presents a set of high expectations and a rigorous curriculum, Instructional strategies that aligns with new CTAG-related questions on the CSCS.

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Developing Resilience in Urban Youth

The paper outlines a research-based definition of resilience, four major protective mechanisms that foster resilience, and examples of strategies that help to build those protective processes for students.

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Measuring resilience and youth development
The study aims to improve resilience assessment and research so that educators can shape the school environment to promote academic resilience.

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Resilience Theory Research

The following is a compilation of comprehensive and balanced assessment of the external and internal assets that researchers have consistently associated with positive youth development and academic success.

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Resilience Wheel Training
Resilience Wheel Training (RWT) is for anyone who has experience in high-stress environments. By learning the concepts and practicing program components – “turning the wheel” – you gently and deeply increase your resilience – your ability to “bounce back.”

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Teaching Resilience in Schools
At The Resilience Doughnut, we have designed a comprehensive strategy for teaching the Resilience Doughnut process to primary school students, teachers and parents in a school setting. This process is flexible so that it can be adapted to your school's current curriculum needs and structures.

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The Embrace the Future Resiliency Resource Centre
The Embrace the Future Resiliency Resource Centre is a website for teachers, parents and other people who work with or care for children. It provides information about resiliency and how to foster it in children. Although much of the information provided here will be relevant to adolescents as well, the focus of this site is on primary-school age children.

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Unlocking the Power of Resiliency
A publication including information, research, handouts and activities for youth to gain knowledge on resiliency.

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